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Who knows how long bad debt stays on collection agencies agendas? I mean how long will bad debt collectors pursue a payment plan? Anyone know?

An unpaid debt is collectible until paid except in MS and WI. My experience is most CA's will fold with a simple DV and either send it back to the OC or the JDB who purchased it. 6--9 months seems to be about the longest a CA will hound me before the send it to another CA. I have had a few 10+ year old zombie debts re-surface w/in the past year as well.

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Assuming they are really yours but you don't have the means to pay, will they be able to force you to pay (I think not, since they would be past SOL by now)? If they continue to harass you at work, can you tell them to cease and desist without even asking them for DV? Would asking for a DV constitute an admission that you recognize the debt?

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No, a DV is not an admission of debt. Actually, it is quite the oppositive. It is requesting that the CA provide PROOF THAT THE DEBT ACTUALLY BELONGS TO YOU!

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Can you clarify what it means "An unpaid debt is collectible until paid except in MS and WI" I lived in Wi until about a year ago and moved to MS. I am a drop out of a debt management program because I lost my job and couldn't pay. Now all the cc's have kicked back in the fees and interest and have made it totally unattainable to even pay them off. I am considering debt settlement but really don't know which one to settle with first and how to handle the ones that I have not approached about settling. I mean, does one just save up enough to settle one acct at at time? And all the others are just on hold? I know the SOL here in MS is 3 years...would that include debt that was incurred in WI too because I am now a resident here? If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. At this point I really don't know what to do and I really hate talking to the creditors because I have no way of even repaying anything back at this time.

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Nascar or someone else will be along and help you with this.

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