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Need help answering vague request for admissions, documents, etc

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A lawyer for Discover Card has sent me a request for service of interrogatories admissions, and request for production of documents. I have several concerns:

a) they are asking my SSN as well as last 5 employers and salaries. Do I have to put my SSN there? I believe I can answer "irrelevant" for the employer part. Or is it better to show that I have lost income due to job loss/etc?

b) these questions are extremely vague and no supporting documents supplied (they did initially send me a copy of a statement with the summons letter). By vague, this is a sample: state whether you have ever applied for the card which is the subject of this lawsuit and if so, give date of application. (They never listed the full cc number, this document has no numbers on it at all, not even the last 4 of the account.) - can i tell them they need to provide me with full account number in order to answer? and I have no idea when i applied for it.

PPS: The package also included a CD, which does not indicate what it is, and I sure as heck am not going to listen to it.

My advise is to cooperate. They are going to get their judgment...Discover has all the proof they need to win.
The judge will not like it if you are not cooperative or lie on the form.
Lets face it...they ask if you applied for a Discover card...the answer is yes. Account numbers change, the creditor does not.

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but job history has nothing to do with use of a credit card, and they should already have my ssn, right?

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sorry to chime in again, but do we send a copy to the court as well? the letter does not indicate to do so and was sent via the dc lawyer, not the court.

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Your job history is relevant in your ability to pay.

Look up the Rules of Civil procedure for your state on your county court website.

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