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Original Creditor....VALIDATION? Under what law?

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Hi. I was wondering how I could request "validation" and or info regarding a Verizon bill which the original creditor still holds. I did send a validation letter and was told that they are not bound by fdcpa. State laws? The AG in Pa. has taken on this issue as well as the Pa. Utilities Commission, however this debt occurred when I was in another state. Will try to find state laws but anyone having knowledge please post back. My sincerest thank you.

Is this reporting on your credit reports? Have you disputed the tradeline for accuracy? If you have disputed and the OC verified that it is reporting accurately, then you can request an investigation onder section 623 of the FCRA. You MUST have disputed the tradeline and it be verified before you can do this.
Here is the relevant section:

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I had a similar issue with 5th 3rd bank some time ago and I disputed an amount they said I owed with their investigations department. It took a number of phone calls on my part and extensive dialogue with a number of agents and I told them if they could not produce the statments then they had no proof I owed them anything. I evetually forced them to pull all of my old statements out of archives to prove what they said I owed. The statments had been in the archives for at least 5 years . After reviewing the old statements it was easy for me to prove that they had made an error and all charges were reversed. It is pretty fuzzy to me now of the exact numbers but for some reason when I closed my account a small charge was applied maybe 5 days later in the amount close to $0.11. They then proceeded to tag that account with numerous overdraft fees, late fees, non payment fees, other penalties and interest. Maybe 3 years later I found out about it because I pulled a credit report and saw some amount on there for something like $533.11. Anyway I did all of the disputes and requests via phone and it took me a while to get to the right department. You might try doing that along with written disputes if they do not respond.

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