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Can I enter USA if I had debt previously?

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I have come across this platform. Is this the right platform, I am not sure. First of all, I am not a US citizen yet. I had a debt and I left the country as my VISA expired. Not, I am again getting a job offer in the US. I can repay the amount which I used. But will it be any problem for me to enter USA?

Ideally, there shouldn't be any problem for you to enter USA. However, since you can afford to repay the amount, so it's best to pay it off debt as soon as possible. A debt is a debt. It has nothing to do with your citizenship. You should clear it asap.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Well, though few but you can't negate the chance of getting arrested.
Here is what happens:
Though credit card debt is a civil offense, in some states, the court can issue an order "order to show cause" to the debt collectors. In such a situation, a person can get arrested for owing a private civil debt.
When a lawsuit is filed, and you don't respond, a default judgment is issued against you. When a debt collector files for the enforcement, the judge can issue an "order to show cause". You need to appear in court and explain why you couldn't satisfy the debt. If you don't appear there, the creditor can ask to issue a bench warrant for your arrest since you didn't appear in the court.
Now, if you leave USA by that time, you probably won't know about it. usually, it doesn't appear in the check when you apply for a visa. However, if you re enter from the state from where the warrant has been issued, you might be arrested at the port of entry. And to post a bail for that, but the amount would be the outstanding debt amount. The amount amy contain the creditor's cost of obtaining the judgment.
If required, talk to a lawyer and it's always better to repay the debt.

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Mabelle Page Mabelle Page

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Enrol in a debt settlement program to repay your debt fast. Also, you can enter in USA. no problem with that. However, clear your debt and work on your credit score.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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