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My husband's work got a call for him from 877-699-3690 and someone named Nancy wanted to talk to him. His work told her that he could not receive personal calls at work and asked if she wanted to leave a message, which she did not and did not want to say who she was with. They have called his work several times today. My husband called me and I looked up the number and it says Vision Financial. Anyone ever heard of them or have any information about them. Wanting to check things out a little so we know who/what we are dealing with, etc. Never heard of them before and we have not received anything in the mail from them. Yes we have a few things at collection agency (most happened after I lost my job and having to stretch what we had). We are trying to take care of what we can so please, don't need anyone harping on me about paying bills etc. Most of our stuff is medical and we have to decide whether to keep a roof over the head, food in the tummy, etc. Plus we have 2 grandkids and my son and wife are struggling also so we do what we can for them. Thanks in advance

i googled the number and 800notes has a slew of calls just like yours.i would have your husband file a police report as the calls are breaking the law.this is the very definition of a bottomfeeder.calls at real info,and they refuse to give any info.have him file the report,and ignore them.a real piece of work they for PAY YOUR BILLS humanoids i have zapped too many to count since you've been gone so no worries there.

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Thanks. I even went to the BBB website and there are so many places with this name, but none of them had this number. My husband cannot afford to loose his job, so he was pretty worried, as was I. Like I said, we know we owe some things, but can only do what we can do and go from there, but pretty much everything we have owed and known that we owed, we have gotten letters in the mail, so this was a new one. I will pass the info onto him

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2nband 2nband
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you report and ignore anybody that breaks the law,and refuses to send at least a dunning letter.first rule of dealing with bottomfeeders.

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