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In August of 2019 my husband was hit by a drunk driver

Submitted by Cathlene on Thu, 02/18/2021 - 08:23

In August of 2019 my husband was hit by a drunk driver on the way home from work. He was unconscious at the scene and suffered a concussion, so the police officer had given the hospital the drunk driver's insurance information to file the claim. This was the only time my husband had been in a serious accident so he wasn't real sure what all he had to do, thinking everything would just be handled.
We ended up settling and getting a check for property damage and bodily injuries and assuming that the medical bills would be paid. Few months later my husband had gotten a bill in the mail for $2600 but he had just thought he got a copy.
He has now been sent court papers warning him of wage garnishment if we don't pay the collection agency in full. I know he waited WAY to long to pursue anything, but we really can't afford to pay $2600 in full or for his wages to be garnished. This ultimately wasn't his fault and the insurance company was supposed to pay for it.
Even though it has been more than a year and a half and the bill is now in collections, do we still have a chance to have the insurance company pay up? If you have any information for me that would be really helpful! Thank you.