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My question involves judgment recovery in the State of Texas. I received a Writ of Garnishment via certified mail yesterday from an old payday loan (LVNV Funding LLC) that I refused to pay off about two years ago after they completely screwed up my life by not sticking to an agreed-upon payment plan. It is for about $2500 and they are mentioning my mortgage company as a Garnishee.

Since my mortgage company was mentioned, can they take my house over $2500 owed? It says "You are hereby notified that certain properties alleged to be owned by you have been garnished. If you claim any rights in such property, you are advised: "You have the right to regain possession of the property by filing a replevy bond. You have the right to see possession of the property by filing with the court a motion to dissolve this writ."

What is my next step? I really can't afford the lawyer and barely have enough to pay what they are asking for. Should I call the lawyers who filed this directly and offer to pay? I am scared that I can't trust them.

They cannot garnish your wages in TX but they can place a lein on your home. They cannot garnish a home so they are handling you a line of BS...I would recommen finding a NACA attorney and suing them...

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what did this writ look like?if it was dressed up to look like i came from the court then you have them big time.go to there you will find a contingency lawyer.they will take LVNV out to the woodshed and LVNV would pay their fee,and court pay nothing,but get paid by this mountain of bottomfeding do that.i have another theory,but just throwing it out there.this is another unregistered plant post because it's almost end of month,and shills have to try to give bottomfeeders legitimacy.i don't know.

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Thank you for the information. I am new here and didn't know how to register. I have been dealing with these bastards for YEARS -- trying to arrange a payment plan with them only to have them pull multiple $500 amounts from my account which luckily the bank reversed since I followed the ACH revoke guidelines put forth on this site. They even wrote electronic checks to themselves from my account which were also reversed and finally I just closed the account and moved it.

The weird thing about this writ is that it really does look legitimate -- it has a docket number and the copy they sent appears to be signed by our Justice of the Peace, but the LVNV law firm is who "served" me with it via certified mail. It's like they got a judgment against me without me being there. It all appears to be official and already filed, but I am perplexed as to why they made my mortgage company a garnishee on it. I know that in Texas they can't "take" my house for a debt but the wording on it sounds like they can. I will absolutely take your advice and find a lawyer. This has been a nightmare for me as I work full time as a public school teacher and care for my autistic son every other hour that I am home.

I do realize I owe the debt, but their tactics rival that of the mob, and I would love to have a hand in seeing them get some kind of punishment out of all of this. THANK YOU for your response and sharing your knowledge. You definitely have given me hope.

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you need to check your court clerks website to see if this is real as i'm guessing either it's not,or you were not served as even states that allow proxy service it has to be a family do that and we can advise further from there.

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