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Payments for debtcc points - October, 2005

Submitted by Vikas on Thu, 09/29/2005 - 00:39
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We thank all our members for participating and helping the community grow. I am sure in fast few months we have touched many with a positive message. Keep helping the people in need and as a community we will always appreciate your help.

Thanks again and great work.


Hi Sarah,

If you have a paypal account, the money earned through your posts in the forum will be directly deposited to your paypal account. You will have to send a request to [email][/email]

But if you do not have a paypal account and prefer to get it by check, you will have to earn at least $500 to use this facility.

I suggest that paypal accounts are much easier to operate.


Submitted by roxette on Wed, 10/19/2005 - 15:27


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