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Debt consolidation - How can you begin the process on the right note?

If you're in debt burden and can't see a way out, try getting help so as to dig your way out of debt safely and comfortably. If you have a stable income source, you may consider consolidating your debts and rolling all your bills into a single monthly payment. Check out the following topic to know how you can consolidate your bills and lead peaceful life.

How do I consolidate my debts?

If you've run up your credit cards and have taken on too much of other debts such as payday loans, student loans, medical bills etc, it's time you consolidate debts and pay them off faster. Take a quick look at the options that'll help you to consolidate debts.

  • Debt consolidation program: This can be your way to financial freedom especially when you have different types of debts payable at various rates of interest. By enrolling yourself in this program, you'll be able to merge multiple bills (credit cards, student loans, store cards, medical bills, payday loans etc) into one easy monthly payment. This saves you from dealing with several creditors and helps you to avoid harassing collection calls at odd hours of the day.

  • Credit card consolidation: If your credit card debts are getting out of your control and you're concerned about "How do I consolidate my debts?", credit card consolidation is what you may need. This is where a consolidation company can work with your credit card company and have your rates reduced. Thus, you can keep making monthly payments at low rates of interest and get your finances back on track.

  • Bill consolidation: When you're unable to repay your medical bills, utility bills, store cards etc, you may choose bill consolidation as your way out of debt. It helps you to combine all your bills into a reduced monthly payment that you can afford.

  • Payday loan consolidation: If you've accumulated payday loans and are worried over "How do I consolidate my debt?", work your way out of debt by payday loan consolidation. When you consolidate payday loans, it helps you to pay off your bills at reduced interest rates and fewer monthly payments.

  • Do it yourself debt consolidation: If you're thinking about "How do I consolidate my debt on my own and save dollars as well?", then do it yourself debt consolidation may be the right solution for you. This is where you negotiate with your creditors on your own and work your way out of debt problems.

With the credit and financial markets undergoing rapid changes at regular intervals, you must be wondering "How do I consolidate my debts so as to pay them off and save money?" Even though the markets change rapidly, consolidating your debts isn't impossible if you take wise decisions and are committed enough to paying your way out of debt.

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I want to consolidate my debt. How do I begin the ...
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I want to consolidate my debt. How do I begin the process. Will this also help rebuild my credit?

Hi Lisa

Welcome back. There are some factors which are taken into consideration for determining a credit score. Please follow the guidelines which improve your credit score.

  • It is always advised not to delay in making your payments. If your accounts are shown as past debts or have gone to the collections, it has a major impact on your credit score and does not help in improving your credit rating.

  • It is always advised not to miss any payments. Please try to keep your accounts current. As long as the account is in current status, it will be beneficial for improving your credit score and thus enhance your credit rating.

  • Always evaluate on the accurate accounts in your credit report. It stays in your credit report for as long as 7 years from the date of last activity.

Keeping all the factors in mind, debt consolidation is the most effective program which helps in rebuilding the credit.

There are no chances of missing any payments and getting delayed on any specific one since all your multiple payments are consolidated into one loan amount and thus paid at ease.

Debt consolidation stays in your credit report as long as you are in the program. It provides a boost up as the creditors find you taking this responsibility to clear off your debts. After all the dues are paid in full, you will have a clean credit report. After all, it is one of the most prestigious financial documents of an individual.

I want to consolidate my debt. How do I begin the process. Will this also help rebuild my credit?

To begin this process, please enter your personal contact information at the sign up page through which the consultant will locate you. He will evaluate your financial position, reduce all your unnecessary spending and provide you a monthly budget. His counseling at all times of your need will help you in wiping all your past debts.


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roxette roxette

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Hello Lisa,
Welcome to the forums.

debt consolidation is a process, where you accumulate all your multiple debts into one single debt and pay off gradually in small and affordable installments. In this case, your interest rates, as well as your late and extra fees are also lowered.

If you enroll in a debt consolidation program, your debt consolidation company will guide you in handling your debts.

To know in detail the benefits of a debt consolidation program please view :

This site provides free consultation services for all your debt related problems. You can enroll as a member by simply filling up the signup form. After your get registered, a consultant from your locality will get in touch with you shortly.

Hope this information helps you.
Feel free to return if you have any more queries.


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peter peter

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can you pay more than the monthly payment to finish the loan faster?

Sub: #3 posted on Wed, 06/08/2005 - 14:39


Hi Guest,

Welcome to the forums. Your willingness to pay the debt faster will always be appreciated at any point of time.

You can always pay a bit more than your monthly installment so that you save some precious time in the allotted time period of your program.

Your main objective should be to get debt free as soon as possible and you can use any resources to make it achievable.

Please get yourself started by filling one short registration form at the sign up page and get in touch with the trained consultant.


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roxette roxette

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I have enrolled in a company called freedom financial management company, the program is to reduce my debt to half, but I have to pay 338.00 per month, stop paying my creditors while inrolled, for they will contact each creditor and seek a settlement from them. I am sort of nervous about this, for this is going to bring a negative report against me while I am trying to pay my bills off.

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I have been behind on paying my bills for at least 8 months now. What program can you offer so I can start paying off my debts? Where do I begin?

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Can I roll all of my debt both secured and unsecured into one big loan? I currently have good credit but alot of debt.

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how do i find a a company that wont rip me off to help me consolidate my bills?

Sub: #8 posted on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 18:35


I'm very interested to consolidate my debt. I have approximately 11 credit card accounts which total about $18,000 in debt. I'm not behind on any payments, but it's tough to make them on a monthly basis. I tried to contact the companies but because I wasn't deliquent and never had been, there was nothing they could do. Can you tell me if this is enough debt for this program, what affect a debt consolidation does to your credit and the cost associated.

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Well, I don't know whether this is the right section to post in.
However, I'm new here but I would like to say that it is a great thing you guys have going here.
I simply love it!
Thanks for so much information you guys have imparted.
Thank you.
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