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Is it ok for a retired person to use annuity to repay debts?

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One of my uncles is using his annuity to pay back some of his debts since he has retired and doesn't have much income. But, I want to know, is it ok to do it?

I won't recommend that. I would suggest you to get part-time job instead.

Money withdrawn from an annuity is taxed just like a normal income. Plus, the insurer who holds your annuity may charge a withdrawal fee, and that can be as high as 7%. So you have to pay a significant amount.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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he has to pay the tax and penalty charges for this. Your uncle could take out a consolidation loan instead.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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farmer111xxx1 farmer111xxx1

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I would agree with Nick. Money taken from annuity can be taxable as a normal income.
The insurance company may also charge you a withdrawal fee as much as 7%. So, the costs will be higher.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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