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Do you guys have any information on Novadebt?

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I ran into trouble about a year ago, lost my job and the usual burn out followed. Anyways, got into a lot of debt, credit cards (3 in total, Discover, Chase and Orchid) and about a ton of payday loans. I got a job a month and half ago and I am going to clean up my act, get my shit together and get out of debt. Now the problem is that I cannot track any 3 of the credit cards, all of them have been charged off but after that, there is no mention of them anywhere in my credit report. Neither do the payday loans appear although I do get a few calls about them in between weeks.

I did a lot of research, looking for professional help with my situation and finally zeroed down on DMP. From what I got, its more effective than debt consolidation and less risky. I live in Scottsdale, AZ and I have been hearing about Novadebt from one of the people in office. Does anybody here know if they are good enough to work with?

Your payday loans....who did you borrow from?? Payday loans are illegal in AZ....

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There is more information on Novadebt here. They seem legit and the from the posts it seems they have a good track record as well. html

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Payday lending is prohibited in AZ. That means all of your lenders are illegal. You can simply get out of this payday loan cycle by paying back them only the principal. It would be better for you to close down your old bank account and open a new one.

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Now please remember if you have store front loans in AZ they are not PDL's, they fall under another category - and are legal in AZ - so please tell us who your loans are with and we will be able to better assist you. Have you defaulted on them already or are you still making payments? You will not need a consolidation company to deal with them.. The credit card companies they may be able to help or you may be able to work with them directly to get settlements, since it appears that all have been charged off.

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