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Assitance with credit repair

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and have been lurking around. I'm currently on the road to repairing my credit and will need some advice and assistance from all the knowledgeable experts available on this board.
I pulled my report from all 3 agencies and there are a few things I will like to get rectified. Most of my negative items have been removed at the moment as they have reached the 7 year limit but there are still a few I will like to get cleared of. At the moment my total debt is very minimal and my score across the all 3 range from 530 - 590. The 5 items remaining on my credit report are all collection items that are marked as "Potentially Negative Closed". 2 of which seem to be duplicates.
I will thus like to know how to proceed with these items in order to clear them off my report and get my credit back on track.

If they are reporting accurately, you are not likely to get them off your report. They will legally report for the 7 years.

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Is the 7 year clock based on the "Date Opened" item on the report. If so based on that date most of these will clear in the next 12-24mths, will it be advisable to just ride it through?

Also since i have been living mostly credit/dept free for the last few years, i will like to build my credit up. Do the age of these collections accts greatly affect my score.

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The 7 year rule goes from the date of first deliquency.

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