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When is the right time to go for credit counseling?

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If I am facing difficulty to plan a monthly budget, can I go for credit counseling? or, it's like that I can take help of a counselor only if I'm facing debt problems, i.e. cannot pay back what I owe.

You can go for credit counseling whenever you think that you're not able to manage your finances the way you want.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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It's right that credit counseling option isn't for every person. But it's practically a good option when you're facing financial difficulties due to excessive spending, reduced income, job-loss, divorce or any other reasons. So, you can go for a credit counseling service to manage your monthly budget.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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You can go for credit counseling but you have to be extra cautious before following this approach. In order to find the right help, you should look for an agency associated with a membership organization such as BBB (Better Business Bureau),
If you are taking counseling services from an NFCC member agency, then the best part is that the services are either free or have nominal charges. They are not authorized to deny the services on the basis of inability to pay. Therefore, if you are in financial hardship, the fee may be waived off.

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davi.joni234 davi.joni234

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It's when you realize that you need one.

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