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Can I roll over a balance of one card to another is T&C are better?

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I have a credit card from Chase Bank. When I took out the card, the interest rate was a bit high. Now, I've got an offer from Old National Bank to take out a credit card with better terms and conditions. But I have some unpaid balance in my previous card. Is it possible to roll over that balance in my new credit card? If yes, how long will it take to wait to roll over the balance? Will I have to pay any fee?

What you're talking about is balance transfer. Yes, you can do that. You have to pay a balance transfer fee between $3 and $5. But make sure you pay the balance within the introductory period.

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Yes, you can do that and you need to pay a fee for that.

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Yeah, you can opt for balance transfer option. But you'll always be charged a balance transfer fee (% of your total amount). So, the more you transfer, the bigger the fee.

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When you opt for balance transfer, try to repay the balances asap.

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