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What is the best way to pay off 4 credit cards and 1 pdl amounting to about $20,000?

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I have quite a few accounts to pay off. I have 4 credit cards, 1 pdl along with my mortgage loan. All total, I have about $15000 in credit card and about $5000 in pdl. Can anybody suggest what can be the best way to pay them off?

Set a budget plan so that you can take control of your finance and if you have more than one credit card then priorities your debts. You can balance transfer your existing credit card balance or use low APR to payoff debt

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As Lewishenry has suggested, you can opt for balance transfer method. Doing so, you can make a single monthly payment towards paying off your multiple credit cards. You can also repay your credit card outstanding balance at a lower interest rate if you opt for such a card. However, the lower interest rate might be for a certain time. So, you need to pay off the balance within that time; otherwise, the interest rate might increase.
Regarding the pdls, check out whether or not it's a legal one. If the pdl is legal, you need to repay only the principal amount.
Finally, plan a realistic budget and follow it so that you can manage your finances efficiently.

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You have lots of options for paying off payday loans. There is EPP option. Then there are payday loan debt settlement or consolidation programs too. But as Nelly has said, check if the lenders have the license to do business in your city.

You said you have mortgage too. In this case, I would suggest you to go for refinancing or loan modification. Have a talk with your lender first. How much do you owe on your mortgage?

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