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My credit score didn't go up even after paying 4 cards. Can you tell me why?

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I have paid off 4 credit cards recently. Still, my credit score has not gone up. Why is that so?

Because it’s probably because either you still have a lot of utilization left on your lines of credit or you have some work to do on removing the negative items. I’ve removed my negative items by going to they taught me how to remove and the software was super easy. I followed the four steps and nearly all my negative items removed in about 3 months.

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Have a look at your credit report minutely. Look for any negative items which need to be disputed and corrected or removed. There might be some items that are nullifying the positive items in your report. You might have other debts to pay off for which your credit utilization ratio if high. Credit score depends on a lot of factors. If required, talk to a financial adviser.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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Paying off credit cards won't help you to boost credit score all of a sudden. You have to add positive listings on your credit report. It takes time to get the result. However, you should also check whether or not there any mistake on your report. If you find any mistake, then dispute it asap.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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When did you pay off your credit cards? It takes almost a month to update credit reports. So naturally, it will take some time to reflect on your credit score. By the way, did you close the accounts you paid off? If you have closed the accounts, then the payment history has been removed completely. In that case, it will hurt your credit score.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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