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Do I have to close my checking account if the credit card debt is with the same bank?

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If one of the debts is my bank credit card, do I have to close my checking account with them?

Did you reveal your Checking account number to your creditor? Or did you automate your credit card payments using your checking account number? If you didn't, then there's no need to close it.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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If you have your checking account at the same bank where you also have your credit card debt, it might be very easy for your bank to raid the checking account.

When you deposit your money in a bank, the bank will have the authority to grab the money in your checking account. Bank will use that money to pay off several other financial obligations you have to the bank, without taking any legal action. This is called "the right of setoff". This authority is given to the bank by Federal reserve.

Because of this, some banks prepare their credit card agreements such a way that can give them the right to take your checking account. If your credit card agreement has this point, referred to as a security interest....your account could be taken to pay off a defaulted credit card after all.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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