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Does this program make monthly payments on the credit cards until they are paid off or is this the program that collects the payments into an account and then negotiates with the creditors after a certain amount has been saved? I have gone through that program before and it was a nightmare between the companies harassing me despite accepting the fact that I was in the program, the destruction of what credit rating I had as well as being taken to court for payment after the company had accepted the plan. I am very leery to go through a credit consolidation after that experience, even though I know that I need help managing my bills. I would prefer to do the monthly program so that I can see the bills being paid off and that I can maintain some kind of credit rating.

Does what program??? You have posted to a public message forum for people trying to get out debt.

If you are contemplating a debt management program, you are not going to maintin any sort of credit rating.

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What do you mean by monthly program? Is it debt management, you're talking about? If we presume it to be debt management, then your credit rating may get damaged as well.

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