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Is cutting up credit cards really a good option? What if I need to use the credit cards? I have read in many articles that peopl

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Is cutting up credit cards really a good option? What if I need to use the credit cards? I have read in many articles that people advise to cut the credit cards.

Don't try to cut the credit cards until the balance is paid off. Remember, closing credit cards all of a sudden can hurt your credit score. If you manage your credit cards well, you shouldn't close the accounts. Just try to keep the credit utilization ratio under 30% and pay the bills in full within the time.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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I don't think you really have to cut your credit cards. Credit cards are not an evil; just that you have to manage them properly. Always remember, credit cards can help you achieve a good score.
When you're not able to manage your credit cards, put them in a place where you can't access it every time. Keep it in a drawer or in a closet; however, do remember where you've kept it.
And, make sure you check the statements to be sure that you've not become a victim of any identity fraud.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Credit cards may be useful in case any emergency arrives. So, I would suggest you to drop this idea. You just need to use your credit cards responsibly so that you don't cross your credit utilization ratio above 30%. One more thing, always try to pay off your credit card bills on time and full, try to keep yourself away from the the credit card debts, will ya!!

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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Instead of cutting credit cards, stop applying for new credit cards to avoid hard inquiries. What people mean is, stop using credit cards when you owe a big amount on them. If you're in a settlement program, try to avoid using credit cards/

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Why will you cut cards when it's not so easy to get a good card. Yes, the account remains active. But, try not to use it if you've decided that due to a financial strategy.
So, use your cards sparingly and manage cards efficiently.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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