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Debt settlement and divorce

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As per the divorce settlement agreement, I'm liable to pay off 3 credit cards. Please suggest me how can I settle these 3 cards.

It is also reasonably expected that ou do not trash your ex's credit which settling will do. Pay them off like the judge ordered.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 08/30/2016 - 20:29

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You have 2 options - (a) negotiate with creditors (b) let a debt settlement company negotiate on your behalf. If you want to negotiate yourself, then there a few steps you need to follow and these are:

List your credit card accounts and decide which one do you want to pay first
Calculate the amount you can pay on that credit card
Call your creditors and explain why you can't pay the full amount
Tell how much you can pay on the credit card
If the creditor agrees, then send a debt settlement letter
Once accepted, sign a debt settlement agreement and pay the agreed amount

Sub: #2 posted on Wed, 09/07/2016 - 22:21

ditchdebt ditchdebt

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This is a divorce settlement. Again expectation is that you do not trash your spouses credit it they are on the card. (They could end up suing you for the damage to their credit if it was not damaged) Get them paid...and quickly. And dont listen to ditch.

Sub: #3 posted on Sun, 09/11/2016 - 16:47

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Aren't those credit card debts yours? Did the judge just assign the obligation to you during the divorce proceeding? If yes, then you aren't contractually liable to the credit card issuers to pay off the money. A family court judge doesn't have the rights to change the terms and condition written in the initial credit card agreement. However, I agree with SOAPLADY, if you don't pay off the debt and the credit card company takes action on your ex-spouse, then he or she might initiate legal actions against you for violating the divorce settlement agreement and demand reimbursement for any damages suffered.

Sub: #4 posted on Sun, 09/11/2016 - 23:39

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