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If I file bankruptcy, will my wife be forced to sell the house?

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I have quite a bit of debt. My wife owns a house. If I file bankruptcy, can they force her to sell the house? My name is not there in the house; it's entirely in my wife's name.

The bankruptcy attorney is the best man to answer this question. So I would request you to consult an attorney first.

What state are you in? If you're in a community property state,then you're in trouble. Both of you own the assets earned or received after marriage. So your wife will also be responsible for the debts you have incurred till now. If you have bought the house after marriage, then she also has equal right on it. In that case, when you file bankruptcy, the court will consider it as an asset.

There is another question. Is this your primary house? What type of bankruptcy are you planning to file? Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? How much debt do you owe? Do you have secured debt or unsecured debt? That is another big question.

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David Martin David Martin

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First of all, which state are you from? Are you planning to file a chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy? Also what is your total debt amount?
Find a professional bankruptcy attorney and take suggestions if you want to.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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