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Can I get a judgment of imprisonment due to an unpaid debt?

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Can I get a judgment of imprisonment due to an unpaid debt?

Usually, you can be imprisoned due to unpaid debt. But you can be imprisoned if you don't cooperate in the post-judgment discovery process. If you do not respond or appear, the creditors' attorney can ask the judge to issue a civil warrant for your arrest. The warrant is issued because of your failure to respond to discovery and appear in court.

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I would say when you're not able to repay debt, talk to your creditors and negotiate for an alternative payment plan. You can also negotiate to settle the debt for a smaller amount.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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Don't ignore a judgment against you. Try to pay off your debt by enroling in a professional debt relief service. Ignoring the legal notice can arise more legal issues against you. However, what is the total debt amount? Are you working? Please come with more information so that I can suggest you a specific debt relief option for you.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Be ready to prove your financial hardship if you're not able to pay back debts. It is better to talk to explain the things to your creditors beforehand. You can take professional help to solve your unpaid debt problems.

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