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I got a call from them today Dec 17 , 2013 6 calls , My wife 6 calls and my daughter 3 calls. They said that I am going to be searved papersTODAY if I do call back. First there is a process they need to go by. I work for attorneys and I know that they can not just hit you with papers. they need to send you a letter then try to call you not 12 times a day to work it out. Then they can file papers that has to be sent to yo through the mail . At that point yo can answere the papers sent to yo by the court. If you dont then they can sue you. When they called me they wanted to know my address to send the papers think about that. They should have it!!! This is a SCAM!!! Do not fall for it ask them to send the papers in the mail of e-mail no reason they cant I bet they will tell you otherwise.

Thanks a lot mateā€¦..for sharing this useful information with us. This will help all of us who are the victims of this.

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snce you work for an attorney.use that resource.find where they are,and sue them a good one.not enough people sue piles of scamming shit like this.more should.

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