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Name in newspaper and credit counseling questions...

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Do they still print your name in the newspaper when you file for bankruptcy?

Also, can you do your credit counseling online?

Bankruptcy is public information. In some small towns they still do report it.

Credit councelling is done over the phone or in person.

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Generally, the initial credit counseling sessions are done on the phone. If there is a local office of a counseling agency that someone can visit without too much travel that happens too.
There are indeed online enrollment consumer credit counseling service sites. Online enrollment only accounts for about 5% for those agencies that have it set up.
There are only about 200 bona fide nonprofit credit counseling companies in the US. There are large national firms and some small local ones and a few regional ones. The national ones will be ones that offer the ability to enroll online.

Since you are asking about bankruptcy and credit counseling in the same post, you may be asking if the pre and post bankruptcy counseling certificate now required for bankruptcy can be done on line. If that is your question, yes, absolutely. There are many options for completing the credit counseling requirement and obtaining your certificate of completion on line.

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