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Is it ok to leave the country with unpaid debt?

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Is it ok to leave the country with unpaid debt? Can't I pay it from abroad?

You can leave the country with unpaid debt. But be prepared for the repercussions. The creditor can try to follow you abroad also. But that is an expensive affair. That's why most creditors don't travel abroad. If they get your address, then they may contact you there.

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If you leave the country without paying off the debts, then the original creditor will sell the debts to the CA. They can sue you. If they win the judgment against you, then it will affect your credit score seriously. The judgment will stay on your report for 7 years.

Yes, you can pay your debt from abroad. You should pay or transfer the money from your bank account.

***only partially correct info. If you are out of the county, they cannot serve you so you cannot be sued in the US.....only were you reside. However international collections is becoming easier and easier. If you are going to pay from overseas, do not waste money transferring or wiring. Get an intervational money order.

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