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Live on paycheck and getting behind on payments

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I am retired and live on my ss check each month i am just getting farther behind each month can you help me??


You need to work hard on your debt problems. As you're living only on your paycheck, you must make a strong budget plan and try to cut spending from your budget. At any cost, you must save as mush as possible.

Apart from the paycheck, you must also look for ways to increase your income. If possible, find a part-time job or do something creative that can help you to earn more.

Sub: #1 posted on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 02:28

Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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I agree with Barbara. It will help you if you can increase your income. Search online to find a suitable part-time job which you can pursue without getting stressed. If you have a home, consider renting a portion - It will help you financially.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Divide your paycheck (in this case, your SS money) into 3 categories, viz.: 50% for needs, 20% for savings & 30% for wants. Yes, you still have to be in the habit of regularly saving me to avoid stretching your paycheck.

It'll help you to avoid incurring fresh debts too.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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