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Debt Management Plan Not Working Need Advise

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I enrolled in a dmp last February. I have free housing at present so I have been paying almost all of my paycheck to the dmp. (I owe about $9000) At the current rate I will be in this plan for 2 more years. I need to move out into myu own place, but can't afford it. Is debt settlement an option for me? Or would I just have to walk away from my debts. I can get some low interest loan from a relative. The dmp company (CCCS) have not been very helpful in lowering my interest rates. Most I am paying 15.99%. One is at 23.99? They are very hard to reach and when I do they say they are overwhelmed with people being foreclosed on.
I have no assets except a car. Can somebody advise me? Is it possible for me to do it myself even tho i'm in this program? I don't know what to do.

If you discontinue the DMP and stockpile your money, will you be able to save $4500ish in 3 to 4 months for settlement?

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