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Will the creditors to agree if payment is done after few months?

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My friend Nancy is in debt and she has been laid off as well. Will the creditors accept if she tells them that she can make the payments once she gets a suitable job. The amount is somewhat $9000 all total. Most likely she'll get a job; otherwise she'll start doing part-time for the time being.

See there is no option right now. So it's best to tell creditors about the situation. If your friend is a responsible borrower, then creditors may agree to give some time or create an affordable payment plan for her. In most cases, creditors offer a hardship plan to debtors when they are genuinely in financial problems.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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If she has some savings, then ask her to request to the creditors for settlement. She can sell some items to manage the money. Or, she can enrol in a debt settlement plan to get out of debts.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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During the first 3 to 6 months of nonpayment, she will receive snail mail and phone calls from her creditor. After that, most likely, her creditor will sell off her debt to a collection agency. I would suggest her to look for a full-time or part-time job immediately! And then she can opt for debt consolidation to pay off her debt with ease.

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Craigh.terry Craigh.terry

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