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I took a payday loan out in 2005 through for 300.00 made a few payments on it and lost my job had no choice quit paying.. I will be honest i forgot all about it til i received a call from PeachTree LAw Center.. I set up payment arrangements with them everything was going fine until they started taking double payments in july 1 payment authorized 1 payment not authorized. I have been fighting with them for 3 weeks to return the money. The card isnt even mine its my girlfriends who gave them authorization to deduct 25.00 1 a month on the 16th. The Rep my g/f talked with yesterday got all upset because my g/f told him that she works in a call center and knows how they operate and that he needs to learn how to talk to people. The rep responded with he doesnt work in a call center he works in a law firm he didnt even seem to care about the reall reason for the call...Well any way I cant seem to find much info on Peachtree Law Center as in are the licensed in minnesota? CAn anyone help me. I have no problem paying back the 300.00 and only have 5 more dollars to go, but with all the fees tacked on i owe 505.00 more.

this is a pdl collecting and your gf need to cancel her card and get a new one and since cashnet(not cashnetusa)is not legal in MN you only owed the 300.00 and anything debited gets deducted.that includes anything this piece of garbage took.example:

cashnet before you defaulted debited 270.00.that means you only owe again anything this piece of garbage took gets deducted too.of course they are going to try to collect an amount waaaaay over the never just pay,or make arrangements with a voice over the phone.the FDCPA exists for a reason.places like this.btw even a law office doing collections must adhere to the FDCPA.bottomline you were taken by a bottomfeeder.cancel the method of payment,and go to soaplady's signature.use the info to file complaints against cashnet,and peachtree,and do not talk to them again.not legit at all.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Cashnet (if you're referring to, is an illegal lender. You don't owe these people a thing. Tell this guy you've found out that Cashnet is an offshore, illegal lender and you won't be paying them anything more. Period.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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It was back in 2005-2006... I can't find anything on them so i am wondering if they changhed their name,

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Unregistered is illegal and dependig on the state you are in is time barred anyway.also cashnetusa has been cashnetusa since before the loan,and peachtree are not legit in this case.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thank you all for all your help in this matter, You all have been very helpful and we appreciate all th e advice.

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Kelly43S Kelly43S

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So my gf closed her debit card account. Peachtree must have attempted to take a payment out because they asked what happen to the card.. So i tell this woman that is come to my attention that cashnet is no license in MN and neither is Peachtree and told her that legally Im not required to pay this but but will pay the principle which i only have 5.00 left she says to me "I don't know what is legal or illegal so i will just sent your file to the attorney and she hung up on me hahahaha for being a so called law firm they sure have no tact....I have also sent the required letter to them. wage/ach revocation cease and desist, and about being illegal/not licensed. HA I feel so much better....:D

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