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I got an email from quick click that they are going to sue me for my installment loan.
Is there any one has any experience with quick click loan?
please educate me.


QuickClick is a licensed lender in AL, CA, GA, IL, ID, DE, MO, UT, WI. If you are from one of these states, you owe them principal plus interest and other charges. Moreover, I believe QuickClick is a CSO so PDL laws don't apply to them. Your best bet is to call them and ask for an extended period repayment plan. How much was the loan for?

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i am in CA and owed 2600. I enrolled the extended payment plan but I miss a couple of payments and now they sent my file to legal dept.

and I called them. they said I need to payback missing months which I can't afford to pay for now.

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oomaung oomaung

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SInce they are a legal installment loan and you have been able to maintain the extended plan, you may well be sued.

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if they sue me, will they take judgment against me. please somebody can explain about the procedure. how long it will take?

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oomaung oomaung

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If they sue you and can prove that you owe them money, they will win in court and a judgment will be issued against you.

You need to call them and work something out to get this paid off. That's the bottom line here.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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As far as I know, if you don't pay off a quick loan or payday loan in the states here these are legal, the interest or fees just keep accumulating. Sometimes a $300 loan can increase to the amount of $2000 or more.

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mydebtrelease mydebtrelease

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This thread was answered over a month ago. If you don't have new information to add, please don't revive old or already answered threads.

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