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So you all my pymt was due Feb 19, so I've been getting calls every 2-3 days. Rep isn't so bad, when I do decide to pick up. So anyway, does anyone here have any experience with them?

The others like BOA, Citi, Discover have offered special "hardship" programs which are expensive so I am just sitting not pying like you all. Commerce told me they don't have any hardship programs and they refer all their clients to a debt mgnt company.

I don???t have any personal experience with them. You may try to convince them and inform them about your financial situation. If possible set up a payment arrangement with them.

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Tyler Tyler

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Smaller banks just dont have the time or staff to deal with hardship accounts, so they just dont do them. Nobody can force them to offer this.They may decide to litigate to cut their losses.

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