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Can you suggest anything for a senior citizen and close to broke?

Submitted by LishaK on Tue, 03/28/2017 - 17:27

I am dangerously close to being big time broke. I have one last credit card to use and have about $240.00 or so. I am a senior citizen living on Social Security and am having a tough time trying to make it. Can you suggest anything?

The "bankruptcy filing' option is open all the time. But, I would like to suggest you for considering DIY debt consolidation. You can negotiate with your creditors and request for a better repayment plan. Try to get lower interest rate. Don't accumulate further debts.

Submitted by Sanders Patricia on Wed, 03/29/2017 - 06:12

Sanders Patricia

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You can go for credit counseling and see whether or not you can improve your financial situation with professional help. If not, then you can file bankruptcy.

Submitted by Good Nelly on Wed, 03/29/2017 - 04:19

Good Nelly

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But before you choose the ultimate debt relief option (bankruptcy), why not work part-time to supplement your social security income, provided you're fit to work and aren't disabled?
Try it.

Submitted by paulcahill80 on Wed, 03/29/2017 - 07:04


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