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What happens to a debt when the debtor leaves country? Does SOL stops and starts all over again?

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I have recently heard one story and want to know what happens when: Someone has taken out a loan and then goes to outside USA and comes back after the SOL period is over. Does SOL stops when a person leaves a country with debt?

The SOL period doesn't stop just when you leave the country with debt. Every state has a SOL period, and that starts from the date of first default on your debt and ends after a stipulated period. For instance, in Texas, the SOL period on debt is 4 years. Once 4 years are over, creditors can't file a lawsuit against you anymore.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Well debt is debt. You are liable to pay it off. But once the SOL has expired, collection agency can't force you to repay the debt.

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