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still not sure which way to go or what to do

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I talked to pursels and associates through care on cred it counseling. I gave them all my information, and spoke with one of their lawyers, its going to cost me $150, but it was worth it.

I originally thought i wanted to do DSP, I have about 58k in unsecured debt over about 14 credit cards. I make close to 4k/month, however I lost my job at the beginning of the year and got behind on my payments for about 4 months.

Prior to talking to careone I talked to the creditors myself and set up hardship plans. Some of them reduced the interest as low as 6%.

I wouldn't qualify for chp 6 bkp. and to me whats the point of chp 13, when I could do that myself.

I'm also wondering whats the point of paying someone to do any of this for me, when i can do it myself?? granted if I decided to try to settle it will be very time consuming, but the lawyer at care one said, with the amount of debt I have they could probably settle most of my accounts at about 50%, (ive definitely heard of lower on here) and I would end up owing persels about $11,000???? are you kidding me????

So, I guess Ive answered my own question, im going to try to settle myself.

I was looking into the irs and 1099 with debt forgiveness, and I'm pretty sure I would be insolvent. Regardless of my income, I dont have any other assets my car is worth about 2k, and I owe about 4k, I have no savings or retirement, so from what I understand if your debts out way your assets you're considered insolvent??

Yes, if you can prove that your debts are higher than your income/assets, you will be considered insolvent.

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Thanks OhioGal1 for your answer.

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