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I am a pensioner and accumulated 15,000 pound on my Lloyds credit card. I have always honored my direct debits. I have paid Lloyds for about twenty years.

I am now unable to pay the required minimum monthly payments. I think credit card companies are irresponsible and contribute to misery of people like me.

In my case, I never requested any increase in my limit but they kept on increasing my limit to sky high knowing that I was struggling to make the required minimum monthly payments and now here I am. A pensioner with so much credit card debt.

My question is if my credit card could accept a solution, if there is any, to my problem and stop my direct debit or there is no other way. I was surprised when checked the Internet and the kind of help they offer is (Use a direct debit to make your payments).

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You need to find a board in the UK. Laws are different in different countries.

And quit blaming the bank. You took the card our of your pocket and signed for the merchandise. Nobody forced you to spend money you did not have.

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As mentioned you need to find a UK forum. Unfortunately that's what credit cards do. They increase your limit in order to get you into perpetual debt. It's your own fault for biting it and getting into 15 k of debt

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