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I have an acct listed on my CR for Nuvell for a car repossession. I received a letter today reporting that I have a balance of $10,704.87. When I look at my CR it shows a balance of $9,930.00, past due $11,043.00 and high balance of $16,625. I want to have this acct removed ASAP if possible because I want to purchase a home. Can I dispute this? Or what options do I have...I don't have the funds to settle this acct. It is scheduled to be removed 8/2014 but I want it removed before then.

If you do not have the funds to pay it, you are not going to have it removed. Not only do you have the defincency balance, but you would also have repo costs and possibly interest.

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You have 2 options, you can either try to get a house with this on your report or wait until it falls off the report. If you are wanting a better rate, I would say wait until this falls off your credit report. Many of us wish we could remove things off of our credit report when we wanted included. LOL

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