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My sister has purchased a fridge and a laptop through my credit card. I was not making purchases with this credit card for several months. I was not aware that my sister has started using the credit card. She has not even bothered to make timely payments on credit cards. The total outstanding balance on credit card is $40,000. My credit score has dropped. What should I do now? I live in Ashville.

How much of that $40k is her stuff???

Did you give her permission to use the card? If you gave her the card and prior permission to use it, you are stuck with the debt. However the laptop and fridge are yours....If she wont pay, take the damn laptop and fridge and sell it to pay off the debt.

If you did NOT give her permission to use your card, file a police report....this is theft.

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She owes the total amount. Like I said, I have not used the credit card for a long time. I didn't give her any permission to use the credit card.

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