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Whom should I contact to remove the account from my credit report?

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I have missed my credit card payments for nearly 5 months. The accounts were sold to a CA in Cullman (AL). I have sent a PFD letter to the CA and they have not given a reply. Thereafter, I called the OC and made a settlement offer. The creditor accepted the offer and I made the payment over phone. Now, that the debt has been repaid, I want to know about my options. Should I ask the creditor to remove the account from my credit report? Should I request the CA?

Did you get the settlement letter prior to paying??? Without it, you have no proof of the settlement.'

You wont get a pay for delete either...the just dont happen

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As I said, I have settled the debt over phone. I paid off the debt through my credit card.

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so you didn't get anything as far as proof of payment.well if that's the case that was stupid.bottomline.

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