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I"m caught in PdL hell, but think I've found a way out by stopping the auto ACH. Been reading and forgot just how great this site is. I have 6 Pay Day loans. Two are currently paid off. I must admit I didn't know about Tribal loans. Now, heres my question and it doesn't involve a PDL. Is Avant a a tribal lender and are they under the same laws as tribal PDLs when it comes to the interest and principle payback? I took out a loan for 1,300 in May of 2015. I've paid them 597.98 in principle. Have also paid 705.00 in interest. Do I legally owe them anything else? Let me know. Thank you.

What state do you reside in? Is PDL legal in your state? Check that first. If it's illegal, then your PDL is out of luck. You may not pay back the loan amount.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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Installment, not a PDL that's financed via WebBank. WebBank does Fingerhut and Lending Club also.

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Exactly what kind of loan you had taken out?

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Personal installment loan. 1,300 dollars, 36% interest. Yet to miss a payment. Tried to refi based in my history with them, but no go. A refiance would get me out of this payday pickle.

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