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The bank lady was dead wrong. They CAN'T do that legally. It is NOT who holds the account, but the account itself..once its aged off, thats is illegal for the CA to post it with the wrong DOLA. You can DV them and dispute with the CRA....if they verify then ask for procedures from the CRA, if needed use an older copy of your credit report to show the CRAs how it was posted before.

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You might want to call BofA privacy assist back and inform them of the proper section of the FCRA that the idiot you talked to obviously slept thru when she was being "trained". 7 years + 180 days from date of first default...PERIOD! Not 1 minute longer.

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nascar, do you have ants in your pants or maybe fleas? your avatar has a "whole lot of shaking or itching going on"

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