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I don't know what's happening with my credit score. My credit score goes up in some months and it goes down in other months. I pay my credit card bill in every month. In fact, I pay all the accounts every month. I have only one mortgage loan for a house in Corte Madera. I will be paying off the loan by the end of the year. Why does my credit score increase or decrease frequently?

Credit utilization, the placement of the moon..who knows? The credit bureaus have their own secret formulas.

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Your credit score can go up or down for a lot of reasons. Each bill you pay reports your payment on different days of the month, so if you do a credit report check at the beginning of the month, it may not have the updates applied just yet. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may get different scores depending on which bureau you DELETED PM with, as each one has different criteria to tally up your credit score.

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