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What should I do to get rid of a charged-off account?

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My ex-husband took out an auto loan in 2010. He has not made payments after March 2011, which is exactly the time when we got divorced. My name is on the loan agreement but I have never used the money. The account was charged-off in 2011 only. My ex-husband's car was auctioned and sold off. The deficient amount is $4500. I don't know if the account is with a collection agency. I'm sot sure as to how to deal with the account. I want to get this account removed from my credit report. Am I still responsible for the debt? We are a divorced couple in National City, CA. Why should I still be responsible for the debt?

You cosigned for the loan?? Then you are responsible for it, just as much as your husband. Did you not have this addressed in the divorce???

If you did not cosign for the loan, meaning your husband forged your signature, you would need to get a copy of the prom note and then file a police report for identity theft and fraud.

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