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Where do you need to send the 623 dispute letter?

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I have 3 entries on my credit report. The entries are regarding a telephone bill. I have disputed the entries with credit bureaus. All the 3 entries have been verified. I am planning to send 623 dispute letter. Should I send the letter to the legal department of the telephone company? The telephone company is located somewhere in Redlands. Should I directly send the letter to the collection agency? I am confused. I did have a discussion with a representative of the telephone company. The representative can't even recognize the account.

Who is reporting? The CA? The phone company? They probably sold off the debt so if they are telling you they have no record, it is because it is closed an archived. Sending a letter to them or their legal department is a waste of time and will be ignored. Have you tried CALLING the collection agencies to find out who is handling it right now???

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The CA is reporting the account on my credit report. I have not approached the collection agency yet.

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What the heck is a 623 dispute letter?? Never heard of such a thing.

Start calling the CA's to find out who has the account. Then send out a DV letter.

How old is this debt??

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623 dispute letter is send to the original creditor and not the collection agency. As it is the CA who is reporting the debt, you will have to send a DV letter to them.

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