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My husband has an Allied Interstate trade line reported to Experian and Equifax credit reports. The Equifax lists it as the collection agency and the Experian is reporting it as unknown account. The account is past due for nearly 130 days. The OC was HSBC bank. OC was reporting the account till 11/10 to the TransUnion credit report as charged-off.

What should I do with account? The account was opened in 2007. Will it fall from my credit report in 2014? Will the collection agency also drop the account from my credit report? I have sent dispute letters to the collection agency. I have not received any kind of positive response. Should I try for a PFD with Allied Interstate? Also, please tell me the SOL period in Sausalito, California.

Allied doesnt do pay for deletes.

The account was opened in 2007...what type of account? What the was the date of your first deliquency?? If it was charged off in 2010, generally date of first deliquency is 6 months previously which means it would report until 2017.

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