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What is the difference between a charge-off and write-off account?

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There is an account from TNB on my credit report. I have disputed the listing with the credit bureaus. Equifax has modified the account status as “charge-off, paid in full”. However, Experian has changed the account status from charge-off to write-off. I'm little confused. What is the actual difference between a write-off and charge-off? The listing is still there on my credit report. Do I need to pay off the debt? This single item has stopped me from obtaining an auto loan at favorable interest rate in Tehachapi, California.

Charge off/write off....they mean the same thing. Your modified equifax is still a paid collection account which is negative.

Who is the original creditor? Do you owe it?

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I really don't know if I owe the debt. The name of the original creditor is something peculiar. I have made a google search. I didn't get any information on the creditor.

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