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A charge on credit card statement which I’m not aware of

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Is there anything to do if I see a charge on my credit card statement, which I’m not aware of. I’m wondering - Do I have to pay the amount? But, why will I pay it if I haven’t purchased anything?

Whenever you find such an item, you should dispute it with your credit card company without delay. Also, opt for credit card transaction text message alerts, so that you get to know and have a record of what you are purchasing.

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davensmith8 davensmith8

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You should immediately report your credit card company and settle the dispute if you come across some unknown charges on your credit card. The Fair Credit Billing Act protects consumers from credit card fraud and has limited its liability for unauthorized credit card charges to $50. Major credit card companies have $0 liabilities guarantee. This means you won’t have to pay for any unauthorized charges on your credit card. You’re not responsible for purchases, which you haven’t made. As davensmith8 has suggested you can also sign up for alerts with your credit card company.

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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