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I have disputed an item for collection with Arrow Financial. They acknowledged that they would not contact me anymore on this item until they could verify to me.
However, the credit bureaus are showing an increasing balance with them. and they have not been removed form the reports.

Would I be better off disputing more although I suspect that thsi is a debt I owe?

Or should I offer a payment for delete?
Need to get this one finished, do not like the collection and charge off showing.

I have experience with them, more than likely they do not have proof. Demand that they remove the item and dispute with the CBR again. since they have not provided proof they legally cannot verify the debt. If they do report them to the AG.

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hang on a second, let me see if I understand this...

1--you disputed an item with Arrow.
2--Arrow has not provided validation to you yet
3--Arrow continues to update your credit report entry as valid, claiming that you do owe this debt

Is this correct?

If so, they are majorly violating federal law. How did you dispute the debt, did you send them a certified letter? Please tell me you did....if you sent it CMRR, you can show proof that you sent it and that they received it. Here's the thing--ANY action on their part that is geared toward collection is illegal until they provide the proper validation you asked for--as long as you disputed it in writing. This includes updating your credit report like they are doing.

I would send them a certified letter ASAP informing them that they have received your dispute of this account and are violating both the fdcpa and the FCRA/FACTA by continuing to update your credit reports. This is a big no-no

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skydivr7673 skydivr7673
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Yes that is absolutely correct. They are showing on all three reports. Yes I sent certified letter. Yes I have receipt and yes I have the note back from them saying they will cease and desist but still have on my credit reprots.

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I thank you for your insight I will let you know how it goes.

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muddydekes muddydekes

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Anyone got a sample follw up letter for falure to validate and failure to remove from cras?

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muddydekes muddydekes

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Hi there, I have been researching just about everything that you can imagine as far as credit repair goes. My recent find is the "Credit Secrets Bible" In it they say NOT to use the form letters that you find on the internet if you want to be taken seriously because they see those all the time. It says if you want to be taken seriously just be direct and to the point. Maybe something like "You have failed to validate this account yet have continued to make negative notations on my credit report. You are in violation of the FTC, cease and desist all collection immediately and delete this account" You very well may have to follow this up with a letter to the credit bureaus stating what has happened. Make copies of your receipts as well as the letter from the company stating that they will cease and desist. Demand deletion from the credit bureau as well. Again make sure to keep your letter brief to the point and make sure it is original. GOOD LUCK I wish you the best in this lovely credit game!

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imhisfavoriteau imhisfavoriteau

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Is there any point in requesting validation of debts that a person suspects or knows are legitimate, once they have gone into collections?
(...or might this "wake up" collectors who have filed to sue/ fully harass you?)

Once a creditor sues you, is there any point in requesting validation of the debt? (if the debt is/probably is legitimate)
If so, should you do that separately and immediately, or as part of the answer to the lawsuit summons?
Should any validation requests go to the creditor or the attorney for the creditor or both?

When you request validation of a debt that has been sold repeatedly, do you request validation only from the last / current "debt owner", or from everyone in the chain of debt ownership?

Any and all guidance in these areas will be immensely appreciated...

THANKS - notyour

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Kathy Mac Donald Kathy Mac Donald

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