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Cleared of all debt to get "secured credit card?"

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Hello all - My question is does anyone know if one has to be cleared of all credit card debt to purchase a secured credit card? I'm $3,700 in with chase bank that has went to collections, but I am paying it off in full in September of this year. I want to start "repairing" my score this summer with a secured credit card, I have the money to put down on the card..but I recently "applied" with a random online company for a 200$ card [i forgot which one] and it was denied..I don't know why it would be denied since I need to put money's not like an actual credit card. The only reason I could think of is because my chase debt. Anyone know of a secured cc company that has worked for them??

If the account is already in collection, it hardly matters if you have paid on it or not. Acquiring a secured credit card should not be much of a problem unless you have an entirely trashed credit score/report. Retry with other banks, possibly CapOne. They might approve.

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Steve Barris Steve Barris

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Just applied for capital one & was denied. I don't get it...

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