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im looking at all three credit reports and i am very confused what the term "conditions" mean

for example, for all of my paid charge offs,on my transunion report they are mostly listed as -Closed (Paid)- but for equifax and experian they will say derogatory but they do list the balances in zero and that they've been paid/settle.

is this just a different way of reporting or do these does it affect my credit score? do you i have to dispute this, because it will be a lot to dispute. im so confused :?

i just looked at my credit report again, and under summary where it lists the number of derogatory reports, the number under transunion is the same as the other agencies so i guess even though my accounts are paid they are still considered derogatory?

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phacia2010 phacia2010

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phacia - if the accounts were ever reported as being late or past due (or as charge-off's), they will continue to be reported as "paid accounts", but as a derogatory report, because of the fact that they were charged off to begin with.

The way the credit reporting agencies look at it is this: if the account was paid after it was charged off or became delinquent, then it took that action (the charge off) to cause the account to get paid. It's unfortunate that they don't give you any credit for paying the debt, but they look at it from the point of view that it took a charge off to get it paid.

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I received the same info on my credit report:

Here is their contact information:
Phone: 800-786-0820
Fax: 516-714-1310

575 Underhill Blvd Suite 224
Syossey, NY 11791

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I wish there was a way to get these off your report after paying them off. I have paid off most 4 and it shit show i have 7 derogatory items. When only 3 are showing derogatory. others show paid. I guess i have to wait.

Sub: #4 posted on Mon, 08/18/2008 - 22:43

CplusE2ent CplusE2ent

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