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I received a notice via telephone that I was under an immediate eviction. There was no time grace given. The company was upset because I had submitted to the health department of Pennsylvania that there was an infestation of bed bugs as well as roaches. Since I did not have a grace of time and was not from Pennsylvania I returned to the state of Ohio to live and found that the company had placed an eviction on my credit report. Do I have a fight against this action and can I dispute it to have it removed from my credit report

Since you were evicted, it will be there on your credit report for 7 years.

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No notice? Strange! You can take legal action. Contact an efficient attorney.

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Do you have overdue rent by any chance?? If yes, do not pay that overdue money!!
If you pay the overdue rent, it will prove to the court that the eviction is initiated for good legal reasons.
You should provide the court all the receipts of rent paid and documents showing the rental unit was left in a satisfactory condition.

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